Sukuh Temple

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Sukuh Temple located in the Village Berjo, Ngargoyoso District, 27 km east of the town of Karanganyar, situated at an altitude of 910 meters above sea level. According to historical stories, Sukuh temple was built around the 15th century by the Hindu Tantric. The temple was discovered in the British government in Java in 1815 by Johnson, resident of Surakarta. At that time Johnson was commissioned by Thomas Stanford Raffles to gather data for writing material his book “The History of Java”.After the British government passed, in 1842, Van der Vlis the Dutch citizenship re-do your research and do the restoration of the temple in 1928. Sukuh Temple located on the slopes of Mount Lawu actually a very interesting temple to visit other than the physical form and ornament, ornaments are stunning but also the right position to see the beautiful scenery around it with the cool mountain air Lawu. Local people sometimes refer to as the Temple Buttcrack Sukuh (obscene or taboo) because the reliefs on the walls depict vulgar male and female organs.
Sukuh Temple built in three terraces. The first terrace there is a main gate with an ornamental gate that reads candrasangkala Buto abara wong, meaning “giant human prey.” The words of this relief has meaning 9, 5, 3, and 1. If reversed into the Saka year 1359 or in 1437 AD. Basic floor of this gate there is a relief depicting the linga-yoni which symbolizes the Hindu god Shiva and his wife (Parvati).
On the second terrace are also present arch was irregular condition. The right and left are statues or gatekeeper called Dwarapala. At this gate there is an elephant that reads candrasangkala wiku anahut tail. It means “elephant tail biting priest”. The words of this relief has meaning 8, 7, 3, and 1, if reversed significantly in the year 1378 Saka or 1456 AD.
On the third terrace of the courtyard there Sukuh Temple with a main temple and some statues on the right as well as some relief to his left. When we climb the stairs to the alley gate, we’ll be treated to a very vulgar reliefs carved on the floor depicting the phallus dealing with vagina. That said, a man who wanted to test whether his girlfriend is a virgin or not, can come to this place, by asking the woman jumped over the relief. According to the story, if a girl is a virgin climb, so will her hymen tear and bleed. But if he was not a virgin anymore, then when the stepping stones of these steps, the fabric will tear and wear off. But the truth please try it yourself. Above the center of the main temple there is a square which is probably the place to put offerings. From the top of the main building of this we can see off into the scenery around the temple area.


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