3 Great Styles of Promotional Calendars

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With promotion tightening by the day, businesses have to be more vigilant with their campaign. If they want to step up from the competition, they have to constantly look for ways that will put them in front of people. It’s likely that their competitors are making their own strategies to stand out in the market. If they want to succeed, they have to outwit their competitors.

To some business owners, this means expenses. They need to spend thousands of dollars is they want to succeed. Yet there are businesses that were able to make it big without spending a fortune. How did they do this? Simple. By investing on the right marketing strategy. Understand that not all marketing strategies and materials are appropriate to all types of businesses. What worked for one business may not exactly work for another. It’s important that careful research is done so the right strategy will be done.

For businesses seeking for good market exposure, one good material to invest in is the calendar. Customized calendars are still effective these days for several reasons: they are durable, valuable, and accessible; they are used all year-round so the business is guaranteed a year of exposure. If you are a small business and you want a material that will put you in front of people for a long time, this is the material for you.

Calendars are inexpensive to produce considering that you only need to print them once a year. You can hand them out as annual gift to your customers and prospects. There are different styles of calendar you can create; you don’t have to stick with the standard wall calendar. Some of these great styles are as follows:

Desk or tent calendars. As the name implies, these are often placed on desks. They can be used to take notes, jot down appointments, and write down phone numbers. They can even be used as table displays especially if the calendar is designed creatively. It’s important that your logo and contact details or website are placed on each page of the calendar to reinforce your brand. When people constantly see your logo or business name, you will eventually be imprinted on their mind. In a subtle and simple way, you have already promoted your business.

Pocket or business card calendar. If you want a handy calendar, you can decide to create the pocket calendar. This is usually the same size as a standard business card. One side can be printed with the calendar while the other side can contain your contact details and logo. This is perfect for people on the go who don’t want to constantly access their mobile phone to check on the date. It’s fairly inexpensive to produce this calendar. It will be perfect if you are on a tight budget.

One page poster calendar. If you want a one page large calendar, you can consider creating a poster calendar. You can put an eye-catching image on half the page and the calendar printing on the other half. Just make sure the image is interesting enough so your target customers will be encouraged to put it on their wall.

Try one or two of these styles and see what it can bring to your business. You will be surprised with the results you get.


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