Know Why Users Enquire Queries Like ‘how Do I Switch From Outlook To Lotus Notes’

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There are many desktop mail clients that introduce high class techniques in helping users to perform tasks like, scheduling, emailing or adding contacts etc. There are mail clients like, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Outlook etc. Outlook mail client is one of the most commonly used email application that helps the users to maintain official as well as personal database in their mail account according to their preferences but sometimes situations demand a high level of security for ensuring the safety of the database. In such situations the users come up with queries like ‘how do I switch from Outlook to Lotus Notes’.
Mostly such queries pop up because the users keep looking for the perfect kind of mail client that offers not only functionalities but also an advanced level of security to ensure data retention. Some of the functionalities of Lotus Notes mail client that provoke users to perform Outlook to Notes conversion have been discussed in the below portion of this segment.

Workflow Feature Attraction to Most Users
The work-flow feature of the Lotus Notes application has proven to be quite helpful to the users in maintaining a flow in their mailing process. As with the help of user level customization of rules, hierarchy and the procedures the users can set their workflow accordingly.

Replication Needed By Many
The users can create as many replicas of their Lotus Notes documents as they want and further more they can also circulate it among other users. The users can not only view it on the server but can also modify the data present in it without altering the original copy of the document.

Different Security Measures
The users can avail the high-end security of Lotus Notes email client with the help of several ways like; digital signature which authenticates the email with guarantee and ECL technology that is usually not known to many users but if known, the ECL technique can do a precise amount of data security. The ECL i.e. Execution Control Lists if initiated and configured in the right manner then the users get an upgraded level of security for their database stored in Lotus Notes against the fatal and malicious coding.
Hence, the users usually come up with questions like ‘how do I switch from Outlook to Lotus Notes’ and if the conversion of email client is decided then it is suggested that an advanced converter program is being used which can be a third party program only.

Outlook to Notes
Outlook to Notes software program can be used by users who are baffled with the query ‘how do I switch from Outlook to Lotus Notes’.

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