Ceto Temple

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I will share to you about Ceto Temple

Ceto temple built by King UB in 1451. Just to illustrate, in the same year the British built the University of Glasgow. We are rich in culture, but about our civilization arguably quite late.

This Hindu temple is thick colored complexion. Even a large number of residents around the Hindu religion as well. On my last visit, a number of people are conducting religious ceremonies appear on the temple. They are dressed as warriors of Bali and bring a number of offerings.

Ceto temple entrance gate called the Gate Bentar alias split gate. But that does not mean moment is synonymous with next.

In the next photo (rather briefly) appear a devout Hindus stand in front of the gate.Not. He stood there, not because he was superintendent of the temple or ritual. He stood there for his friends willing to be photographed.

Candi Ceto is divided into several courts. From court to court the next one to be separated by several steps. The higher the court the more sacred place. In the first courtyard, some people perform religious ceremonies.

They gathered in front of a statue and held worship. The atmosphere is very solemn Lawu accompanied by cold air and shade fir forest.

In the second courtyard, there is a statue of a giant tortoise. The size of a ping pong table. As a rule, women who are experiencing a monthly cycle is not allowed across this statue. It is most likely something to do with holiness.

In the court of the ninth (top) are the main temple building. The building is not that big, probably only about 10 x 10 meters. While the height of six meters or less. This is the culmination or the court’s most sacred temple there.

Ceto temple situated on a hill, so from the peak we can see a vast and stunning scenery. In fact, when the weather clears, we can see Mount Merapi and Merbabu of this place. Down a steep slope, there is another temple by the locals called the monkey temple. But the temple is not neglected.

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