Goat Milk

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Goat milk is the best source of protein after the egg and almost equivalent to breast milk. Even in the dry and barren areas such as Africa and parts of India, its people rely on goat’s milk to replace lost body fluids.

Since thousands of years ago, goat milk is often used as treatment and prevention of disease. Number of illnesses that can be cured, including: alergy, asthma, respiratory problems, cholesterol, uric acid, diabetes, etc..

Goat’s milk is best milk fresh (raw goat milk), rather than goat’s milk powder, because the concoction of goat’s milk which is not quite right can damage the mineral content is efficacious as an antiseptic and protective lung tissue. What’s that goat milk has been processed into milk powder, processing of fresh milk into powdered milk, undergo a process of heating and evaporation and addition of preservatives to milk powder until the end. So the quality of liquid fresh goat’s milk is much better than goat’s milk powder, So it is advisable to consume fresh liquid milk, goat milk than in the form of milk powder.


Some of the advantages of goat milk than cow’s milk:

– Fluorine content of goat’s milk 10-100 times higher than cow’s milk is beneficial as a natural anti-septic and may help suppress the breeding of bacteria in the body.

– Characteristically basic (alkaline food), so safe and beneficial to the body.

– The protein is a little soft, so it does not cause diarrhea.

– Easy to digest fat, because it has a soft texture and smooth compared to cow’s milk.

– Content of Sodium (Na), Fluorine (F), calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P), the dominant is very good for human health.

– Goat milk is pure white color and no fishy smell.

– Goat milk is more hieginis.


Some Benefits of Goat Milk:

– Healing the allergic reactions in the skin, respiratory and digestive

– Healing a variety of kidney disorders and gout

– Cures rheumatism, prevent bone loss (osteoporosis)

– Increase vitality and stamina

– Overcoming impotent and sex drive for men and women

– According to research in the United States proven to have anti-cancer effects

– Helps digestion and neutralize stomach acid

– Helps to cure migraines and vertigo.

– To heal lung diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis, and infections of the lungs.


Goat milk is consumed by both children and adults. Composition of goat milk is closer to breast milk, so that in some countries in the use of goat’s milk instead of breast milk especially for infants allergic to cow’s milk.

Among the types of milk, goat milk is the only milk the most benefits for human health. Goat’s milk is consumed without prior heating process have the Fluorine content higher than that cooked first.

Goat milk is suspected to have a natural antiseptic and is thought to help suppress the growth of bacteria in the body because they contain fluorine 10-100 times greater than cow’s milk. Goat milk also has lower protein and laksatifnya effect, so it does not cause diarrhea, those who consume them. 

Nutrient content in goat’s milk can increase the growth of infants and children and to help maintain balanced metabolism, supports the growth of bones and teeth, and helps the formation of blood cells and tissues. In addition, the mineral content of goat milk berbgai slow down osteoporosis

Grains of goat milk fat are smaller than cow’s milk. Goat milk is easily absorbed the human body, it is can be taken by babies over six months, seniors, and good for people with inflammatory bowel disease.

Relative acidity of goat’s milk base, making it suitable for those with stomach and digestive disorders. In the atmospheric conditions of the stomach acid, goat’s milk can neutralize it.


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