Soy Milk

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Hello my friends. Good morning all. Do you know Say milk? if you don’t know you must read this article.

OK i will share to you about soy milk. I am sorry my english is not good  hehe

Lets begin guys.

Soy beans are known as one of the foods that have very high levels of vegetable protein. Not only that, particularly soybeans that have been processed into soy milk appeared to have a nutrient content that is not lost, even a kind of content is far better when compared with regular cow’s milk.

Benefits of Soy Milk

According to research conducted by some nutrition experts, soy milk is recommended to be used as a substitute milk formula for babies over 4 months since proven to be safer than the bad bacteria that can cause health problems in infants.

In the body of bad cholesterol which reaps there is calcification of blood vessels. Then HDL or good cholesterol in soy milk could prevent liming with fighting bad cholesterol.

Soy milk also serves as the content of new bone formation, strengthens bones, regulate muscle function, controlling the fatty acids in the intestine.

Studies in humans showed that the polysaccharide is contained in soy can reduce glucose and triglyceride levels postpandrial, and lower insulin-glucose ratio postpandrial (after eating). This proves that the polysaccharide content in soybeans to control excess blood sugar levels in the body.

Diabetes Mellitus arising from the lack of a functioning or impaired function of insulin, so blood sugar rises to far exceed the normal limits. Soy milk intake can help control blood sugar levels that exceed the normal limits, so it helps control the symptoms of this sugar.

With a summary of the benefits of soy milk can hopefully make a nutrient-rich soy milk as a beverage of choice to replace soda, soft drinks, or alcohol.

nutritional content of milk is very much. so we have to drink this milk so that our bodies healthy and not susceptible to disease.

So soy is wonderful food for us. Lets drink this milk in order to we health.

Hopefully this article was very useful to you. thank you very much.


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