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The main job of a student is studying only. School Students don’t have a lot of responsibilities apart from studies, so they must surely concentrate on studies and avoid unwanted diversions. School and college studies are very important to get knowledge as well as good job, so we must study in this days well to get a bright future. Also parents of every students wish their children must be the best in their school and college. Students must realize their responsibility and study their lesson every day without fail, to get good marks in their examination.

Studies is the base of our knowledge, school studies are very important to shape our future, we must surely concentrate in our studies to gain a lot of benefits in our future. Students must focus on their studies from the school days to get good position in their life.

Now a days online earning is quite common and lot of people interested in it, even the earnings are low, we can get a lot of fun and enjoyment while working with online sites. But spending a lot of time with online sites will spoil our offline activities, we must organize our time and do our work in both online and offline. Some students and office goers also doing online earnings as their part time job and getting benefits with it. Mostly this kind of persons are doing online activities in their free time as well as while they are getting break in their work. Some persons are addicted with online sites and spending a lot of time with them, we must surely avoid this kind of activities, don’t spend a lot of time in front of computer and take frequent break in your online activities.

Some students will get addicted with online earnings and spoil their education due to it. There is nothing wrong in doing online work in holidays, but in school/college days and exam time concentrate in your studies and don’t spend your time with online sites. 

If you are in the exam time, forget about the online sites and spend your time with reading lessons and revising them. It will be useful to you while doing the exams. Don’t get temptation with the little online income and divert your concentration from the studies, if you did your exam well and get good marks in it, surely you will get a good job based on your qualification and you can make a good income based on your talent. Education and studies are important than online earnings. 

Preparing a time table for your studies is a good idea, so prepare a time table and follow it every day. Allocate a day for a subject and study the subject fully on that day. Always listen your classes well and observe the lesson, learn the lesson on the same day of teaching, it will be more useful at exam time. If you learn the lesson on the same day, you are free from exam tension and you are in need to revise at the time of examination.


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