Love or Sex, What Matters to Your Mate.

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There have been stories of people loving and marrying their lovemates, and also stories of breakups after intimacy. So, it is pretty much difficult to conclude what love is all about, and what is really going on in the mind of the person who says that he/she is in love. You might be thinking, what my partner is thinking. It is not the fault of people, but the generation has been rather made up like that. So, there are confusions and doubts in the mind of people who are newly in love, is their partner loving them truly or its just for sex. There can be many conclusions, many thinkings, many doubts, but the overall discussion comes to the main important factor, is it love or sex that your partner wants.

So, it will be pretty clear after you read this article. The experiences people gained are just shown here. It is not at all to hurt your expectations from your partner, but according to the bitter experiences, it is good to be preventive or aware of the facts. First of all, according to reports, males have been in love more than often for intimacy or sex. They are more concerned to show off their bold relationship rather than show love and care for their partner. On the opposite side women have been more caring and take their relationship seriously. They pretend less in love, and are keen on their partner’s likes and dislikes.

Lets put up a real incident that happened to a couple. The boy and girl were in a relationship for more than seven years and the boy had intimacy with the much of the time. The girl loved the boy more than her life, but the boy in the seven years had not cared or passed time with her, having relationship with several girls at the same time. It resulted in the girl’s suicide when she knew that fact. It shows the fact that boys are more inclined to sex, and after that they give importance to love.

Though it is not always true. Urban metropolitan single living girls are more desperate on sex than love, compared to rural or small town girls. Also rural boys are more clear hearted on the average and have been reported to love resulting to marriage. So, when you are coming to a relationship, be aware of the facts and try to know more about the history of your partner, and their characteristic, rather to be ditched at the end. As love is sacred, it is only once for a lifetime.

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