Entertain Your Cat or Kitten

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Step 1 Cat String – Most cats love to be entertained and played with cat string. Cat string comes in all shapes and sizes. For kittens get a small string for them to play with. For older cats hanging the cat string from the door will allow for lots of entertaining hours throughout the day.

Step 2 Rolling Bell Balls – Cats enjoy playing with these because they can chase them. Some cats will not be interested in these toys initially. Try using catnip to get their attention. Caution – These cat toys make a lot of noise so you may need to put them away at night.

Step 3 Ball of Yarn – Cats love any type of string. Yarn is easy for your declawed or clawed cat to play with. They can get tangled up in the yarn and dig their way out. Do not leave your cat unsupervised when playing with the yarn they may be tempted to eat the string.

Step 4 Flashlight – Cats enjoy watching all types of movement. A flashlight can be shined in various places and your cat can chase and try to grab it.

Step 5 Toy mouse – Cats love to chase mice because they are small and have a long tail. A wind up one will allow for many hours of fun. Do not get a real mouse as they will consider it prey and try to eat it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Buy a variety bag of toys to determine which ones your cat enjoys
  • Multiple cats should have a variety.
  • Some cats do not play as much as others.

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