How to file tax for beginners

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Filing your tax can be confusing if you’re a beginner. You can go to a tax workshop for some help if you want to learn how to do it on your own. You can also bring it to a tax office for filing if you’re not sure how to do it on your own. Most people would use an tax preparer to be on the safer side. If you’re young and new to tax then you should file it at a tax office. You should save all of your W-2 that was send from your employer because you will need to attach those to your tax return if it’s done by paper. You still need your W-2 if you’re going to file it online with a software company. You would need the information on the W-2 in order to fill out your taxes.

When you’re filing your tax, you will have different forms for different filing status. If you’re filing as a single, you will have a different form then someone who is filing as a married couple. A business owner or an investor would also use a different form. There’re different forms for each type of filing status. You can file as a single person, a married couple, a married couple filing jointly or a married couple filing separately, a business entity, an investor, and so forth. With each type of status, there’re different kinds of deductions that you can take out on your tax. You do have to file with the right form. On each form, it’ll tell you what the form is for and if it’s for single or married couple. Your tax preparer should be able to help you but you can look at the tax return and learn from it. If you want to prepare it yourself next year, you can learn from the current tax return. Filing as a single person is simple and if you make mistakes the IRS will make correction but they will still send you your returns.

The important thing to remember is to keep all of your W-2 that will be send to you each year. You will need these to complete all of your tax return and if you don’t have them then you don’t know the figure to put on your return. You should also save all the remaining W-2 for record just in case you need it for other things. A W-2 is a good way to prove your income when you have to take out a loan or other types of inquiries. If you’re preparing your tax as a beginner, it’s best that you go to a tax office. You can make mistakes if you’re new to it. You can learn from it and maybe you can file it in the coming year. What goes on your returns? They will usually ask for everything that is in your W-2 and you will need to fill in the numbers that are asked. You will also be taking deductions in your tax returns. The deductions are the amount that can be subtracted out of your tax so that you can pay less tax and even get a refund on your tax. Deductions are things that the government allows you to take out such as your dependents children, donation, student loan, charity, business cost, business lost, investment loss and so forth. The list can be long. You have to know what you’re allow to deduct each year according to your filing status. You should not ignore the deduction part of the tax return so you can get some refund back. When in doubt, you can look at the instruction booklet and follow the direction on there to guide you.


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