How to Go Green and Stay Organized

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Step 1   Make a list of modifications you are making to go green. The slight modifications made can make a big difference in the environment. The following are Go Green recommendations along with how to stay organized while you make the transition.

Step 2    Recycling of Products – Purchase a medium sized tote. Keep the recycle tote next to the trash can. This will help the family recycle as they throw away products. For paper, purchase a smaller tote so it will not get mixed in with the other materials.

Step 3   Recycling of clothing – Keep them on hangers and deliver them to the donation location. The establishment will thank you for already having them hung up and ready for sale. Plus you will get rid of your excessive closet hangers.

Step 4   Recycle all of your plastic bags and trade them in for reusable ones. This will help you save on costs at the grocery store and increase the bags going to the sea. After using the bags place them immediately back into the car. You may need to purchase 5-10 of the bags depending upon your household.

Continue to recycle even when you get tired of it. In the long run your efforts and dedication will pay off for the next generation. You can also write some things off on your taxes.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are organized you may stick with it longer
  • It’s a lifestyle change
  • Avoid overwhelming yourself.
  • You may need to go green 2-3 items at a time.

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