Bed Shampoo Bathing Aids

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To ensure that elders and people with limited mobility will still be able to maintain proper hygiene, use of bed shampoo bathing aids are highly recommended. Two types that work together are the shampoo basin and a hanging shower unit.

This is being utilized usually by care givers or providers to promote health and hygiene of an elder or handcap for a fresher feeling. Providing them bed bath tub is not enough, since it is hard for them to move, washing the hair most of the times is being compromised.

Unwanted micro organisms commonly populate when hair washing becomes seldom. By giving them bed shampoo, hair would be cleaner and free of radicals. The common type used for a cheaper cost is the portable one. It looks like a small version of bed bath tub. Though it is actually an inflatable basin like the one used in the parlor for washing the hair. An extended hand held shower can be used for water supply or do it manually using pail and dipper.

This is intentionally used for those who cannot make it to get out of the bed. To comply with ADA which to not discriminate and deprive these kind of people from doing normal stuff, mostly when it comes to personal hygiene, a good hair wash is achieved by using this stuff.

The bed shampoo bathing aid units usually have bed and basin on one end. Deluxe type of this unit is the one with the hidden basin, whereas, a remote control or push button is used to move the bed to one end to reveal the basin. Some even provides heated bed for more comfort and relaxation while having the hair done. There are beds with cushion while others may have stainless steel bed or high grade plastic bed. Though, some opted water or gel bed for ultimate comfort. Other options to add are therapeutic massage while lying and hot steam.

Basin of bed shampoo have automatic water heater system. Based on research, warm water helps release happy emotion of a person aside from the relaxation it commonly provides. Also, warm water has additional help on terminating unwanted micro organisms. Lastly, washing hair with warm water benefits the silky smooth texture of the hair, that would depend on the shampoo at times. A hand held shower aside from the faucet commonly accompanies the basin. Additional comfort for some are the added shelves strategically positioned underneath the basin or the bed nearest to the basin.


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