Mind Reality Check or Actual Reality Check?

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I’ve overcome many challenges in my 23yrs that I’ve been alive. I’ve learned from it, experienced love in it, and have made many, many mistakes. But, what’s life without some obstacle courses to face, right? Even when life keeps pulling you down deeper and deeper, you still just gotta keep on kickin’ until you’ve won your own battle. And honestly, the pain and hardships that I had to fight, as much as it made me stronger and who I am today, I will never chose to go and repeat it. Its a huge lesson that I will never want to face again..

And, again, to be truthful, the paragraph you just read, I don’t even follow. Its easier said than done, right? In reality, I’m still tryin’ to fight life from draggin’ me deeper and deeper. All the mistakes I’ve made in life, are finally catching up to me at the time I really wish it could wait. But what can you do when life is over powering you with karma? I don’t have a truthful answer for that. I’m still tryin’ to figure that all out for myself. Once I figure it out, though, you’ll know it, too, I’m sure. 🙂

You know all those feel good quotes you see everywhere? Like when your having a bad, awful day and you see the quote that describes your emotions for you posted on the wall of your bedroom, and so you read it and suddenly, you smile and feel better than how you were just feeling? Well, I have a quote of my own that I look at everytime I text on my phone;

“Maybe eventually your life will get better. Right now, or anytime soon, it probably won’t.. Sugar coating what’s reality doesn’t solve what’s really happening.”

This quote that I read daily, it makes me feel good because it doesn’t tell you ‘everything will be ok’ when in reality its not ok. Its telling you that you’re life is no bullsh!t and that what’s happening is real and that eventually, maybe it will get better. Its too late to create your own reality when your own actual reality has already been created beforehand.

Sometimes, its better to receive the bad news and events rather than the made up good news. That way your emotions is already prepared and not hopelessly dreaming, right? Or am I looking at this whole situation in the wrong way? Could I be selfish to even give myself a chance at life instead of giving up?


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