Giving The Perfect Gift…

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Most of us like giving presents to our loved ones on every occasion. Be it Christmas, birthday or Valentines. I guess being generous is a very common trait. I am sure that like me, you find it hard to look for the special gift that you would give your spouse or loved one. Chances are, you have given them everything that you can afford and you can’t think of anything else to buy. If you are in this particular type of a situation, I would like to share what I did the past couple of times I had a hard time getting a present. I have tried the following on several occasions and I could attest that it worked. It was truly appreciated by the recipient.

  1. Create something unique. If you have time and like to make things from scratch, you could give your loved one something you personally created. An example would be a card where you draw, colored or painted yourself. Also write a personal not in it. I am sure they would appreciate this more than the card you buy from a shop or a gift you got from Walmart in a hurry. I have a friend who collects stamps so I made her a collage of stamps with her name in the middle.

  1. Spend time with them. Instead of buying an expensive gift, take your spouse out on a date. Go watch a movie (select a movie that they like and not the one that you like, of course) and eat at a fine restaurant. Spend some money since you are not giving an expensive gift. This will make them feel your love for them. Make them wear the special clothes that you bought several years ago.

  1. Make a home cooked meal. Surprise them in the morning or even prepare dinner before they arrive. If you do not know how to cook, you better start browsing the internet and fin a recipe that is simple and easy for you to follow. It does not have to be a very special one. You know what I mean. It is the effort that counts.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!


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