Ginger And Its Benefits to Human Health.

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Ginger or Zingiber officinale(scientific name) is a well known age old medicinal root herb that has been used by Indian and Chinese citizens to prevent diseases and increase immunity. It has originated from the Himalayan suburbs in Southeast Asia. The plant is not of so much height and posses leafy character with green shoots. It also features small yellowish flowers which has the odour like the roots itself. The roots are what we eat as the ginger, and it grows downward horizontally having fibrous root fibers. The smell it has is due to the organic oil compounds in it.

Ginger has health benefits and believed to have anti-inflammatory, anti-flatuent, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It contains different organic compounds and essential oils which are very good for human health. The essential oils include zingerone, gingerol, farnesene, shogaol and tinyamounts of β-phelladrene, citral and cineol. Zingerone is believed to be effective against E.coli causing diarrhea in children. Gingerols helps in intestinal ailments and has been found to be having anti-inflammatory characteristics.

The ginger root herb contains low calories and has rich content of minerals and nutrients like pantothenic acid (vit.B-5) and pyridoxine (vitamin B-6). Potassium, manganese, magnesium are also present in ginger which are beneficial in maintaining blood pressure and heart rate to normal. Ginger roots also have anti-cancer agents which have been reported in recent scientific studies. As such the reports say, ginger when used with other herbs, help in stimulating the human body, by producing more RBCs, that is human blood and help in more circulation of the fluid in the body.

Medicinally, ginger is used in ayurveda to alter taste in patients. It is also used with honey to cure common cold, sore throat and whooping cough. When taken regularly, it helps in mobility of the gastrointestinal track and increases body immunity. Also it helps in curing migraines and helps prevent nausea. It is also known to help in increasing bone density and relieve joint pains.  As per reports, ginger helps in curing or preventing various types of diseases like diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, flu and also helps in enhancing sexual activity. So, the bottomline is ginger is an excellent alternate medicine which can keep mind and health absolutely with no diseases.

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