Approving Google Adsense Without Your Own Website

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Whenever we think of internet and its online income opportunities, the giant search engine Google comes in our mind automatically. So you might be thinking, why not me in the earning list from Google publisher earning program which Google calls as Google adsense. But to have the opportunity, most of the people might be thinking about a website. And most of the people should be knowing how difficult it is to have a website created with right niche and creative items. And to add to the complexity, what if a person does not have knowledge of html or JAVA applications? Then it gets more difficult to create a perfect eye catching website, which is essential for good traffic, resulting in a good income from adsense. So, to make things easy, here is what it needs to have Google adsense approved without a website.

First of all, the most important step towards a non website Google adsense account is to have a good skill towards creating unique and quality articles. Though it is not necessary to have high quality articles like journalists usually write. Just a good quality article with correct grammar will do the job. Then comes the step of posting the articles you have wrote in an article posting site. But to gain maximum revenue, not just any other article writing site will do. Try to post in such sites which have progressed well in Alexa rankings and give maximum percentage of Google adsense earnings to its users. It is always profitable to do things the right way beforehand. So, try Infobarrel, as it gives 75% of user Google adsense earning to its writers.

But the easy way can be more complex sometimes. There are people who want Google adsense approved in some days. So, do try Triond. Just signup and write any length articles. Write some twenty or twenty five easy articles, whatever you like. I am telling this, because Infobarrel needs 400+ word length articles, which can be difficult for newbies. And when Google administrators review Google adsense application, they prefer minimum twenty articles. So, Triond will be far better for Google adsense approval, though it takes 68% adsense revenue. After the approval, you can go on writing for Infobarrel, as it has real income opportunity. And in the URL box for Google adsense approval, just type*username*

Last but not the least, for Google adsense account approval, your address should be written in such a way so as to be compatible with the Google review team, as they approve Google address formats only. For more information see Now after all these things are set, you will get Google adsense approved in a few days. And you are ready to earn by placing the adsense codes in your website, blog or article writing sites like Infobarrel or Triond. But always remember, never click your adsense ads or try to click them from other ip addresses, as they have very much strict rules and best invalid click activity detection software. Best of luck in approving Google adsense.

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