The Time Travel Secrets-Wormholes.

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Man has always thought of the invincible and impossible, and as time has passed, he has seen the impossibilities to be possible. As with airplanes and wireless technologies, now he is dreaming of the time travel concept. Time travel through space is the possibility what scientists are discussing on, even with the large Hadron collider. Time travel needs some conditions to be true, so is complex, but with the concept of wormholes, might go for real.

Wormholes are tiny nooks and scratches of spacetime, especially what we call as the fourth dimension.  The fourth dimension, as we call it is the length of time. Time goes by in its speed in different environments. To clarify it, the time in space is faster than on earth. Scientists noted this fact with the drifting on network satellites in space, so they had to adjust the space satellites according to the drift velocity over space.

Stephen Hawking explains the wormholes as fourth dimensional time travel potential devices. Actually wormholes are tiny tunnels through space, where one end is connected with the other end through distances of a universe, negative energy being the power of the connection. But the problem is the wormholes are one trillionth or billionth of a centimeter and very much impossible for even a bacteria to pass by. So to enlarge it specific high end devices and technologies controlled by high power is necessary.

Even if inflated, the wormholes cannot pass by the laws of nature, as past time travel can create puzzles, which are called paradoxes. For example a person who goes to past by time travel and kills himself, endangers his existence. So how come this be ever possible. Hawking says there must be some sort of facts that defy the possibility of paradoxes, which can create loops for preventing the nature defying problem. But time travel to future can be possible.

Whatever may be the complexity and problems in travelling through wormholes, scientists have thought of its reality some day. As the wormholes exist, proved by Hadron collider, creating several tiny wormholes, there might be the possibility of time travel one day, and to link two universe over a high speed, much faster than light and through time.


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