Gamelan, One of Indonesian's Culture

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One of Indonesia’s famous cultural richness in music is the art of gamelan. Gamelan mostly found in various regions of Indonesia. There gamelan music in Java, Madura, Bali, and Lombok. Of course, variants that use different instruments. Neither the name nor form.

In Java, gamelan gong termed. Especially, since the 18th century. Javanese Gamelan from Java language, gamel, which means it is a musical instrument beaten and beaten. Made of wood and fatted fowl, a kind of a mixed metal of copper or tin and rejasa. Gamelan musical accompaniment consisting of drums, bonang, panerus, gender, xylophone, flute, zither, clempung, slenthem, demung, saron, kenong, kethuk, japan, kempyang, kempul, howl, and the gong.

Origin of Javanese Gamelan

Originally, gamelan musical instruments made under the existing reliefs in Borobudur temple in the 8th century. In the reliefs in the temple, there are some musical instrument consisting of drums, bamboo flute, harp, strings are swiped and harvested, and bells.

Since then, the instrument is used as an instrument in the gamelan music of Java.Musical instruments contained in the reliefs of Borobudur is used to play the gamelan. On the influence of Hindu-Buddhist culture developed in the kingdom of Majapahit, the Javanese gamelan was introduced in the kingdom of Majapahit.

That said, according to the Javanese belief, the orchestra itself was created by Sang Hyang Guru Saka Era, as the god who used to rule the whole land of Java.This is the god who created the musical gong, which is used to summon the gods.

Javanese gamelan music in Java itself is called musicians. Musicians is the term used to describe the delicate strains of gamelan music. Musical art that uses the gamelan instruments found in the art of dance and distinctive sound of Java, which is as follows.

A. Sound art consists of sinden, take, Gerong, sendon, and Celuk.

2. The art of puppetry puppet, puppet show, puppet Gedog, puppet klithik, puppet beber, torches puppet, and puppets revelation.

3. Dance dance consists of srimpi, bedayan, doll, wireng, and dance pethilan.

The art of Javanese gamelan is only played to accompany the art of singing, dance, puppet and attractions. When an official ceremony held at the royal palace, used as an accompaniment of gamelan music. Especially, if there are members of the royal wedding traditions of Java. The Javanese gamelan music of any use when it held a wedding reception.


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