How to Enhance Your Brain Capabilities?

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We sometimes think why we all humans differ in our IQ levels. Yes, it is true we differ in our IQ levels despite of the fact that we all have somewhat equal capabilites of our brain. 

It is the usage of the brain that brings us down comparitive to a scientist or an intelligent person. It is a fact that we all have equal brains but how we use it determines our brain. 

Here I will now talk about a technique called image streaming which actually will help you getting out of the box in terms of brains and intelligence. This technique is a kind of simple aerobics but involves lots of imagination and concentration. 

How to practice it?  

    First switch off the lights of your room, close your eyes and see to it that no disturbances takes place while doing this. There should be no extra sounds heard so that you can concentrate on this. 

Sit in a comfortable position so that your body parts are free from any tensions. Then close your eyes and try to concentrate on some particular thing or a symbol like swastik symbol or anything which you can believe is a holy thing. While doing this for two three minutes, try to blank your mind so that no thoughts comes into your mind. 

The actual process starts here. When you try to blank your mind, you will feel that you can’t. So after those two three minutes, try to explain the images that is coming into your mind. The important part is the more you describe the images that is coming into your mind, the more you will get better. Try to concentrate on each and every small aspects of the images that you are getting and explain each of them clearly. 

You don’t have to speak louder, just say it in a low voice or if you have any partner or any recording device, speak in front of them. Do it for at least 20 minutes in the starting days and on a daily basis. Within days, you will get expert in this process. And within weeks, you will find yourself a level higher in intelligency. 

It is a proven fact that doing this kind if excercise makes your left and right brain work simultaneously. So it actually relate to your brain and intelligence. Try it. 


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