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If you’d like to change the look of your makeup, but don’t have an extravagant budget. It is worthwhile considering what new looks you can create from the supplies you already have on hand. It can be surprising what you can come up, even if you have a limited range of products. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box and some experimenting.

Use eyeliner as eye shadow and vice versa

You can get more from your current makeup by thinking outside the box. For example, Black eyeliner can be used to create a sexy eye look by blending a little into the eyelid. This is a great option if you don’t have a dark gray eye shadow, but would like to create a smoky eye look. In reverse you can use eye shadow as eyeliner by applying a little to an eyeliner brush. It creates a softer appearance.

Lighten your lipstick

Lighten your lipstick by applying a little foundation over your lips before you apply your lipstick, this can help to give your lipstick good staying power and will lighten the appearance of your natural lip color, which means your usual lipstick color will therefore look lighter overall.

Other changes include skipping the lip liner for a lighter look, or creating a stained effect by rubbing your lipstick into your lips and blotting away any extra.

Alternative lipstick and blush uses

Your lipstick can be used on your cheeks to give you a different blush shade, or you could try the technique in reverse. If you have powder blush you could always use it as an eye shadow shade instead. It can be surprising what works. If you have purchased colors that suit your complexion they should look good used in different ways.

Bronzer the ultimate multipurpose product

Matt bronzer can be used to contour, as a sun kissed blush, or even as an eye shadow shade.

Change your base

Create a tinted moisturizer by mixing a little foundation with your moisturizer to help create a lighter more Dewey look. Or if you normally wear a light coverage foundation, you could try applying two layers and if you have it some powder a dusting of it to create a more full coverage style.

Change how you apply your mascara

To change your look consider both where you apply mascara and how much of it. For example, by focusing on the upper outer lashes you can create quite a different look to applying it evenly to the top and bottom lashes.

Eye shadow

Try layering different eye shadows over one another for a new shade, or apply some powder over the top to dilute a shade.


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