How to Improve Your English Writing Skills

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Do you think you are very good at writing English articles? 

If the answer is yes, then it is nice for you. But if the answer comes to no, then you must have some basics clear for improving your skills. 

Actually speaking, English is also a language like other languages which can be your mother tongue. But the difference comes when you speak and when you write. We all can speak well as this is the thing every other person does the most in his life. But the real challange comes when we start writing. 

The reason why writing is somewhat complex than speaking as we do not have expressions of your body and face there. However the art of writing is all about inducing some expressions which one can feel while rerading the stuff. 

The people who find it hard to write nice and clear English must see that they read more and more in the daily life. It is beneficial for their speaking abilities as well as it helps in improving their understanding of the correct usage of grammar and words. Reading is also important as people get ideas only when they get knowledge and the more we read the more knowledge we get. 

After a lot of reading one should start practicing writing as in writing in their personal diary or notes. When we write remembering the stories that we want to write, generally we make mistakes in the flow of completing the stuff. So it is important that we read our own writing after some gap to judge if we are correct in the grammatical parts. I bet you people always finds 5 percent mistakes when they read their own writing after a gap. So it is important that we revise our writings. 

We generally think that we should have some gigantic words in our articles so that the readers get the feeling of reading brilliant articles. The perception is again wrong in every way. Actually if we write in simple language and sinple vocabulary, readers gets interested in that stuff. They want the language that is very familiar to the speaking terms. 

These are some tips to get started with writing articles in English. I hope you enjoyed it. 


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