Are You a Struggling Senior Citizen?

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Are You a Struggling Senior Citizen?
All over the world there are senior citizen struggling to make ends meet. Are you one of them? I understand how you feel. The price of everything seems to go up like food and petrol always on the rise. But the money you have invested can only be renewed at a very low interest rate. Right! So how do you make up the difference, what are you to do? You will have to find some sort of extra income. I would like to recommend “Selling e-books” I bet you have never considered doing this before.
Selling e-books is relatively easy and the best part of this is that there is no capital outlay. You will need a computer with internet connection and some spare time, also a separate new e-mail address.
There are numerous affiliate programs to choose from and You will need to do some research to find a topic that you would
like to promote.
When you join you are given an affiliate ID and a code which you use to advertise your e-book. There are many free advertising programs on the internet. Do a Google search. Your duties would be to advertise/promote the e-book which you have selected and earn a commission. You will be directing the people straight to the affiliate page where they handle everything on your behalf.
Using the code that you are given to promote your e-book means that you will never handle any stock of books or any deliveries. The affiliate company handles everything for you and they will send you a cheque each month.
There is also another way to sell e-books. Resell Rights Weekly. It is also free to join. As a free member you are given free e-books monthly. Some of these free e-books have Private Label Rights which means that you have the right to change or do whatever you like with them. That’s right you may legally sell these books and keep all the profits. This way is more hands on and more work but you get to keep the full amount. (Your Price)
This way you will need a new separate e-mail account. When you place your advert, you will direct the people to the new e-mail address (remember you will not have a code as you are doing this on your own.) Once you receive the e-mail requesting the e-book, you then confirm the e-mail and instruct them where to send your payment.
Only once you receive the payment can you then download the e-book that they have purchased from you. Don’t forget to send a very nice thank you letter.
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