What Will Make a Man Like You More

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alk better

Men like it when women have good communication skills by not talking nonsense and things that will easily offend them. Men are just like women and anyone else. They can’t handle nonsense and people talking about things that don’t matter at all. If you keep on giving him guilt trip, he will be mad at you. If you keep on reminding him of his past mistakes, he will be angry about it. He will get irritate if you keep on trying to irritate him.

Have some respect for them

Men like to have some respect for them since most men feel like they do the hard work in the relationship. They fix your car, your house, pay your bills and they take care of you for the most part so they like it when you have some respect for them. If you don’t have any respect for them, they will question your relationship. If you keep on putting them down, you will head to breaking up town.

Dress up

Once in awhile, he would love to see you in a beautiful dress so dress up for him. If you go out, it’s best to dress up and be in your best clothing because it‘s better to dress up then to dress down. You will embarrass him if you don’t care about your looks. I have heard of men complaining that their partner doesn’t dress up for them and they’re embarrassed.

Stop nagging

You should stop nagging about every little subject. Men for some reasons are not into nagging. They like a woman who has good communication skills and they don’t like nagging so don’t nag too much. Make sure you’re fair when you’re fighting and don’t blame him for everything that ever happened, since it always take two to tango.

Be nice

Some manners go along the way too, men are no exception when it comes to being nice. They would love some niceness from you from time to time. This is why relationships are different than other friendship and it’s because you can treat them so much better. You are the soft spots that they fall on so be soft.

Let them have their sports games parties

Men have to have their fun too. If they love having football parties with the guys then you should let them have it. You can go on and do something else while he’s doing that like getting a spa with your girlfriends or go shopping or walk your dog. I know that not every woman out there appreciate a football game.

Take control of jealousy

Jealousy is expected in most relationship but over jealousy can destroy your relationship. You need to get a hold of it, get some professional help if you can’t control it. I have mothers that are jealous of their kids. Well, I’m their kids and I can’t do anything with them. It’s insane jealousy but jealousy is out there. You have to think that if your man wants to be with you they will be with you and if they don’t they won’t be with you so don’t get jealous all the time. It will drive those nuts.

Cook for them

Men love it when you’re the housewives. A lot of men work all day long so they love to come home to a home cooked meal. They love women who know how to cook. Most men can cook but they prefer that their woman cook for them.

Lose weight

If you’re really overweight, it could affect your relationship, even though it’s harsh to admit to it since women gain weight after childbirth. They don’t have all the time in the world to workout so it’s understandable that they gain weight after all of those birth hormones spring but you should learn to keep your weight under control if you want your man to be attentive to you and not the waitress that brings you food.


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