How to Get That Young Beautiful Skin

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Exercise is the number one activity that will lead to beautiful looking skin, and very good health. No medication can top exercise so you should consider adding about half an hour of workout daily to keep your skin looking beautiful, replenish and young. When you exercise, you increase good blood flow to the rest of your body including the skin and therefore your skin will receives more nutrition’s and it will look better and have better health and tone. Exercise also produces tighter skin because it increases muscle activities which will lead to tightening of the skin. You will be able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with exercise. You try cardiovascular exercise or weight training exercise but they all help you in some ways.


Water helps you achieve beautiful skin because water is found mostly in your body and it hydrates your skin. Water hydrates your skin so it keeps your skin young looking, and replenished and tight. Water is essential for good health and good skin. You can’t go without water. You should drink about eight glasses of water per day for the best skin and health. Drinking too much sugary beverage instead of water can lead to diabetes and is harmful for your health.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are healthy for your health and good for your skin. Fruits and vegetables have plenty of vitamins content that are necessary for cellular health and beauty. The more fruits and vegetables, the more health and beauty you will achieve. You should eat about three serving of fruits and vegetables each day by blending it into your food. If you’re eating a steak, make sure you add some leafy green to it and some fruit with your meals.


Sunscreen will help prevent your skin from sun damage which will lead to many spots or blemishes for your skin. This is especially sensitive for facial skin since your face is exposed more to the sun then the rest of your body because you’re in clothing. This is why wearing sunscreen is necessary to prevent skin damage and you will achieve beautiful skin this way. Sunscreen is cheap but you can achieve miraculous results out of it. You should wear it under makeup daily to get the best skin results.


Vitamins help your skin too since you might be deficient in vitamins and minerals. Vitamins will help your skin stay healthy and give you health benefits. Multivitamins is good for daily use.


A hat is good if you can’t use sunscreen but you can always wear a hat to prevent your face from facing a lot of sun and eventually you will sun damaged skin. Hats are cheap so buy one for the summer use. Wear your hat everywhere that you go to have good skin.

Rest and sleep

Rest and sleep replenishes the skin and give you good health. You need to rest and sleep well so that you will have good health. You need eight hours of sleep per night. You will need to rest each day. Sleeping only about three hours a night is bad for your health. You need more rest than that.

No smoking alcohol drugs

Smoking, alcohol and drugs are bad for your health. Smoking will cause yellowish of skin and cancer later on in life so learn to quit smoking. Alcohol can also produce poor looking skin by dehydrating skin and can also give you cancer later on in life. Drugs will be had for your skin too. It will dehydrate your skin and you will end up with poor looking skin.


Once a week you should get a facial to get rid of dirty pores and refresh your skin. A scrub is a good facial at home. You can get them at beauty section at the store like CVS or Walgreen and they’re cheap. You should consider a deep facial every month to get rid of dirty pores and replenish your skin.


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