Packing For Las Vegas Trip

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When you’re in Las Vegas, you must pack a lot of things to help keep you comfortable and save you time and money. You don’t have to pack a lot but it will surely help you along the way if you’re going here for business or if you will be here for a long time. A lot of things are expensive on the strip and you might not get to save money. Here are a few things that will help you on your trip.


It’s obvious that you need to have enough money so you’re not stranded here and need to beg for cash to travel back to your country. There are people who get here and then find themselves with no cash left and beg because they lost it to gambling and I hope that this will not be you. This is why you must not gamble a lot and you don’t win that much in Vegas anyways. You do need to save enough money to go back home. I see people begging on the strip for gas money because they lost it all.

Comfortable clothing for the weather

Vegas are well known for harsh weather. You need really cool clothing for the summer and warm clothing for the winter. You will need jackets and hoodies for the winter and shorts for the summer. You will need sunglasses, water, and slippers for the summer and everything else must be short and sweet. You will always need this type of clothing or else you will end up buying them.


You can also bring snacks in your bags because there is no slack lying around in your hotel room and you will be paying $4 for a bottle of water. You will need to save when you’re here. You don’t need to spend that much on food. You will need snacks when you’re waiting in line or chilling in your hotel room.

Comfortable shoes

You will always need comfortable shoes in Vegas. You will need to be comfortable touring the entire strip. There is no way that you can walk down the strip with heels all day long. You can bring a pair of flats or sneakers or slipper and they will do.


Calling from a pay phone can be expensive so I hope that you have cell phones. You will need it during your trip so don’t forget it at home.

Extra clothing

You could use some extra clothing when the trip is over. You will want to slip into something comfortable to stay on the airplane. Comfort is a must on any trip.


You can capture special memories on your camera. Vegas are not Vegas unless you have it all on cameras. There are lovely sights here and you can get tons of good memories photos from here.


You do need nice dresses for the nightclub or dinner or shows here since everyone else will be in one. You will be left out if you don’t have a dress.


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