Job Hunt Tool Kit IV: Introduction to Your Oz Factor

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Oz Factor

Every job requires a combination of brains,heart & courage (folks who have seen the Wizard of Oz can see where I am going with this one). Although they may not call it an Oz Factor, employers want to know that the right candidate will have:

Brains — The ability to learn complexities of their job at the speed they need that candidate to know it.

Most applicants do not know what is needed to be known for the job (from how to make a Chicken Supremo Sandwich at Burger World to knowing the exchange rate of the Euro). They DO need to demonstrate they have the capacity and interest to learn what is needed to be known.

HEART– – The individual will interact with the employer’s stakeholders and clients…do they have the heart to deal with them the job requires (from the quiet of a library night security guard to the crazy life of a political campaign manager)? Do you have work/life experience to show you have that?

COURAGE – – The toughest one for an employer to tell about is the candidate’s courage because nearly every candidate is practiced in socially appropriate ways of answering thequestions. Here an employer wants to know that when the going gets tough, the new employee will not get going out the door and that he takes responsibility for his mistakes and learn from them.

Putting It All to Use:

Get the list you made when you compared yourself with Buddy. Put it into head, heart & courage categories. Now add a new list with more examples of how you have brains to learn things, the heart to get along with others & the courage to work while taming the dragons you face every day.


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