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You can often receive free items if you have an account with a company. If you’re their customers for a long time, you might get it. For example, if you’re a customer of Tmobile or other phone companies, you will get free phones periodically according to your spending. This is great. I got a $300 worth of phone, so I’m happy and will continue to take advantage of this offer.

Reward cards

You will often receive free offers or discount offers if you use a reward or customers card with many businesses out there. They all have reward cards nowadays. Customers will get points redeem for merchandise or cash, free rooms, free meals, comps in casinos and such. If you are a repeat customers, you will get more and more discounts.


You will accumulate points and you can redeem these points and get merchandise or cash for them but they work. Every company out there nowadays have points reward system so you should use them.


There are many offers on the internet for free, you should do some research and see what you can find. Most of the time, you just have to pay for the shipping fees and you can get good products out there. This is a great deal then. The internet always have more free stuff than anywhere else. You should check online for free stuff.


You can get things for nearly free by going to good sales in your neighborhood, like flea markets, thrift stores, ebays and so forth. I got a Vogue subscription for $5 a year and this is a good deal on Ebay. This is like getting a free product.


There are so many samples that are nearly free nowadays on the internet. You can get them, do your online research, and get them for free and enjoy them. There are free samples everywhere and you just have to pay the shipping price for them.


If your friends can refer you to clubs, business, accounts, you end up with free membership or merchandise so this counts too. There are a lot of refer clubs online.


If you refer people, you often get points, cash, and membership for less or free so try these methods.


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