Fashion For Men on a Date

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Nice shirt

You should wear your best shirt and it should be clean and pressed. It should also be up to date fashion. An old t-shirt will not do. Even if you’re wearing a T-shirt, you should make sure that it’s a nice t-shirt. It’s better to be over dress. Going on date is like going on a job interview, you want to make a good impression if you want to nail your job or if you want to nail your date.

Nice jeans or pants

You can put on a nice pair of jeans that is new or a nice pair of pants but they should be new, clean and pressed. An old pair of jeans is not great on a date even though guys do it all the time. Please, dress to impress the ladies.

Nice shoes

You should also wear your best shoes. It must be a cool pair of shoes, so no running shoes or no slipper but a nice pair of sneaker that is new or a nice pair of dress shoes. The shoes should be on the new side and clean. If it’s not clean, you should clean it up before going out on a date.


You should also shave when you show up on a date. I think women are kind of skeptical about men with a lot of facial hair. It looks like you don’t care or that you are a player. It always seems to me that hair and a player go hand in hand. You should shave your facial hair to best of your ability.


You should wear nice cologne to impress the ladies. Nice cologne is impressive on a date. You don’t want your date to smell your armpit either. This is why you should wear deodorant too. It’s just courteous to cover up all of your bodily smell.

Brush your teeth

You must brush your teeth so that you will have clean teeth. It’s not right to have spinach over your teeth while you’re talking to your date so make sure that you check your teeth while you’re on a date in the restroom to maker sure that it’s clean.


It’s time for a hair cut if you’re going on a date. You need a new hair do. A new hair does will impress any woman. A clean cut is desirable by most women and color it too while you’re at it. People color their hair most of the time nowadays.

Clean your car

You will be driving so make sure your car is nice and clean. You should remove a lot of junk in there because you don’t want to give up the impression that you’re messy to a woman. Most women are neat so they like a man who is neat too.

Have money

It must not be right to ask the ladies to pay so you have to have the money to pay for the date. It’s a manly thing to pay for the date. You can ask the ladies to pay but you will be embarrassed and you will not get a second date.


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