Dates That Won't Make You go Broke

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Who says dates have to be expensive? You can have a lot of fun with your dates and you don’t even have to spend a dime. Here some some really inexpensive date night ideas for you.


The movies are a great choice for an inexpensive date night. The movies only cost about $5 a person so you don’t have to pay a whole lot to have a lot of fun. I love going to tee movies with my dates. Its fun and I love etching ivies. You can take all of your dates to go and see movies and it will be under a $50 date which is quiet inexpensive.

Home dinner

It’s romantic to have a home candle light dinner. You can make the food together or one person can make it for the other person. A home dinner is a great choice for an inexpensive date. You can buy all the ingredients and some flowers on top. This is by far one of my favorite choices. It gives you the chance to talk it over and get to know the other person without a lot of notice.


I love going to the beach and would never get bore of it. The beach is a romantic place to go for a date. You will enjoy the fresh air, the mesmerizing beauty of the ocean and you might get a make out session right afterward. Everyone make out at the beach and it’s easy to get her in the mood.


Some people love the park too so you can consider the park. The park is a fantastic place for an inexpensive date idea. It’s fun at the park, fresh air, grass, ponds, animals; it’s a romantic place for a date. It’s inexpensive; cause there is not cost to go here. I’m sure that there are a lot of park around where you live.


It’s fun to go browsing around the mall too. There are many window shopping opportunities and many cool shops to check out. The mall is a great way to browse around and save some time.


You can go sightseeing and there are many beautiful views around the neighborhood like the new park or the new mall or the beach. Just driving down the coast gives you a romantic chill. I used to do this with my date a lot.

Community events

Our can take your dates to community events like New Years day or Christmas Day. The community usually has a lot of fun activities planned out. Check your local community center to see what they ache going on, like a museums open house or a theme park show.


You can go cruising around in your new car. It’s a fun way to get to know your date too. Cruising is a fun and inexpensive date idea. You can drive along the beach coast or around your city and get to know your city.

Pizza night

If you’re really stuck, you can plan a pizza night at home. There are many party night ideas. You can couple it up with movies and you will have so much fun.

Home parties

You can attend a home party by your friends or you can throw one home party for your date and your friends or with your pets. Pets are great goers for parties too. I used to have a lot of parties with my pets.


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