Steps to Help Your Prepare For The Entrance to a Nursing Program

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You must have all of your ore-requisite done before you can apply to nursing school and most school will not look at your application unless you have all of your classes done and have only one class left. Even if you only have one class left, they will still put your application on the bottom of the list. Whoever has all of their classes done are put at the top of the list so get all of your classes done and it takes about several semesters to get them all done. You will need math, English, social classes, psychology, biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, microbiology and some more. These are hard classes so take your time to get a good grade in them. A good grade is essential to compete against other applicants. They give good grades to the top applicants.

School choice

You will need to pick out your colleges or private programs but be sure that they’re accepted by the board of nursing and whether you will be joining a two or four years program. A two year is a much better choice than a four years program. A four years program is very rigorous not everyone can pass them or enter them or be successful in them. If you are someone who has a family, you should start out with a two years program and a four years program is more for single people who don’t need to work. Just know that it’s very hard to work while you’re in the program. You will risk your chances of success if you work too much.


You should diversified your choice of school and apply to many school as possible since applying only to one college will risk your chances of waiting years after years for acceptance. You need to apply to as many programs as you can get your hands on so that you will have a high chance of acceptance.

Other education

You will also received bonus points for having other education completed like having another degree or more courses that you have took. The more education the better for your entrance acceptance. They like educated individuals in this field.


Experiences count toward your points for entrance acceptance. You will get more points if you have more experiences in the health related field like if you volunteer before or work as a C N A before or just work in the health field. Experiences show your interest in the area.


You can gain experiences by volunteering at a hospital or for the Red Cross or for seniors home. You will be able to use it on your resume or your application for nursing school and its best that you do volunteer.


You must consider financial issues before going into nursing school. How will you pay for cost and living cost and spending cost? It will be hard to work and succeed in school. You will need to take out loans so consider the loan type that you will take out. You will also need money for everyday cost and book costs. You might not be able to work while you’re attending school.

Not working

It’ shard to work while you’re in nursing school. You can work part time but in order to succeed with a high rate, you will need all of the time out there to pass your classes and C- is not passing in nursing school.

Live at home

If you can live at home, then it’s ideal that you live at home to save time and money on your cost. You will get extra support from your family so don’t move to another state for this type of schooling. It’s way too difficult and inconvenient on your part.


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