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What is Social Media Marketing?

The latest trend in Internet marketing is using social media. It is an increasingly effective way of getting your brand out among the masses. You don’t have to be a mega-corporation or even a celebrity to use social media. All you need is an Internet connection and a profile.

What is Social Media?

You’ve no doubt heard the term dozens of times. You’ve likely read it in a newspaper, magazine or perhaps seen it on a flier. It is one of those ubiquitous terms that gained so much traction, it was placed into everyday vernacular without being defined. Technically, social media is an Internet based platform for personal and commercial interaction. In the simplest explanation, think of it as email broadcast over the world wide web.

Social media simply allows different users to establish profiles. Users then communicate with one another via text, images, video and audio. The largest social media site to date is Facebook, which employs all communication methods. Twitter is next in line, relying mostly on short text messages known as “tweets”. The first big social media site was MySpace. Yet another is YouTube.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Marketing, is of course, the practice of disseminating information about a particular product or brand. In the past, this was done through radio, television and print. Companies relied on radio and television ads, along with newspaper, magazine and billboard ads to make the public aware of their product. Social media marketing is taking that concept to sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Companies place ads on social media sites to get the word out about a specific product or increase their brand awareness.

How do I Use Social Media Marketing?

Individuals use social media to market themselves. For persons transitioning from one career to another, social media allows them to put their skills, experience and expertise in front of potential employers and partners.

How would a Transition Coach Help Me?

A transition coach would show you the way. She will develop your motivation, personal success, personal development, personal growth through online marketing. In short, a transition coach will find qualities you possess but are not aware of. With the help of an experienced transition coach, you will discover talents you didn’t know you had. Moreover, she will encourage you to use your existing network, no matter how small, to market yourself as a professional and launch a new, successful career.


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