Why You Should Avoid Las Vegas Hospitals

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Healthcare in Las Vegas are too poor in service, like poor care, poor safety standard, poor management. How do I know? I worked here for the last year and I couldn’t stand it when I compare it to my previous hospitals in CA. I think Las Vegas hospital need serious reform and we need to speak up. Many people who haven’t been hospitalized think that we’re doing fine but we’re not doing fine. We’re doing horrible in Vegas in term of patients getting the service that they deserve. If you have ever been hospitalized and have sue the hospital then you would agree with me and there were many lawsuits in LV regarding negligence. OK, take a look at the hepatitis C, clinic suit, it’s enough to warn you that Vegas healthcare providers have serious issues.

Just look at the Hepatitis outbreak from the doctors here in Vegas, who is i trial right now. They didn’t take measures to prevent the spread of so many hepatitis outbreak. So many patients had the spread infections. They sure didn’t deserve it. You don’t hear news like this in better state like CA. Vegas is just too much when it comes to poor healthcare practices. I’ve worked in the hospitals and I’ve experienced many first hand abuses problems. This is to warn you that you must be careful when you are at the hospitals.

One of my patient was deny management when she needed to talk to one. They made a mistake and she asked to speak to management and they refuse here. She brought in her lawyer the next day. They continue to treat her on the wrong data and did not fix and was very angry when an employee told them about the mistake. If you don’t consider this bad service, then I don’t know what bad service is.

There were a lot of patient abuse that I have seen over the years at some of the hospital here in Vegas. This include letting the elderly to fall and to be really harsh when they’re moving patients around. This one NA almost ripped the skin out of the patient and push him around like a cattle. Yes, I feel sorry for the patients here in Vegas.


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