How to Begin Selling on Ebay

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You can make extra money each month by selling things that you don’t want anymore, things you make, or things that you can buy for less, or you can sell for other people. Making money on Ebay is not as good as it use to be, but you can still get rid of merchandise that you don’t want. You will need a few things in order to sell on Ebay.

Paypal account

You will need a paypal account. You can sign up for one. It’s easy to sign up for one. You will need a checking account and a credit account in order to use Paypal. You will also need a residential address and a phone number.

Ebay account

You will need an Ebay account. You will also need a residential address, credit cards and a phone number in order to open one. They charge your fees automatically nowadays.

Credit cards

You will need credit cards in order to join Ebay and Paypal.

Residential address

They will need a residential address that matches your credit cards, po box is not accepted.

Good reputations

You will need to build a good rep. before you can sell a lot on there. They will hold your payments, until delivery is confirmed if you’re brand new but things will change when you have more reputation.

Stuff you don’t want

You can put together stuff that you don’t want, laying around, in your garages, in boxes and put them on sales. This will empty out your house, but give you some extra cash.

Buy inexpensive merchandise

If you want to do this more often, you can buy inexpensive things and put them on there for sales.

Merchandise you make

You can also sell merchandise that you make. People out there have many things that they make and they can put it online.

Take photos

You will need a camera or an Iphone that will take good photos. Most iphones nowadays have Ebay apps on them and you can sell right from your phones.


Bidding listing is better than buy now listing, since customers like to bid and think that bidding is cheaper, so you get more sales this way. Ebay also give out free bidding listing every month.


You will need to ship it on your own, make sure you charge enough for shipping fees. You can print out labels online nowadays too.


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