Common Language For Travelers to Vietnam

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When you’re going to Vietnam, it will be helpful to know a couple of phrases from over there so you can communicate with them for fun. You can also bring a dictionary to help yourself out but some people over there do speak English. English is such a widely use language that you can use it just about anywhere. Here are some common phrases that I hope you would learn about Vietnam.


The following are some common words for greetings. I guess it will be helpful to learn how to greet people since you will be seeing a lot of people while you travel. You usually will have to the people by their age or gender or class and not just you alone. You would have to use respectful terms for the elderly, high class people, political figure or people older than you.

Hello = chao

Good bye = chao

Good morning = chao

Good morning is usually just like hi and they don’t really say it morning technically. You can say it but it will sound funny as no one talks that way.

Hello madam = chao ba

Hello sir = chao ong

Hello to a young pretty girl = chao em

Hello to a young handsome guy = chao anh


The folowing words are some common words for hotel.

Hotel = khach sang

Money = tieng

Us dollars = tieng my

Vietnam dollars = tieng Vietnam

Cars == se

Taxi = se taxi

Bus == se do

Walking = di bo

Hotel rooms = phong khach sang

Tips = tieng co

Luggage = va li


The following are some common words about shopping while you’re traveling. Obiously, you will be doing some shopping.

Money == tieng

Clothe = quan ao

Sew special clothing = dac quan ao

Jewelry= giang vong

Bags = do

Mall = cho


These are some common words for the airport. I guess everyone needs to know some of these.

Airport = san bai

Airplane = mai bai

Tickets = ve mai bai

Police = canh sat

Medicine = thuoc

Going to US = di my


These are some common language for people in Vietnamese. Some of these are similar to English, except that there are a lot of respect expected for adults. For example, you have to use respectful terms for grandparents, parents, or adults, versus kids.

girls = con gai

boys = con trai

men = dang ong

women = dang ba

kids = con nit

old people = nguoi gia

love = tinh yeu

relationship = tinh cam

marry == lam dam cuoi

marriage = cuoi

family = gia dinh


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