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When searching something online for a project, news, or anything else, you’ve probably come across sites such as or These sites are Social Bookmarking/Networking sites, where users can submit articles from across the web and have it displayed on these sites.

Many users access these sites and they are an easy way to gain traffic if, and only if, you have quality content and your content agrees with the many tastes of people on these sites.

For example, you will read often that diggers want content shown instantly to their faces, with none of the fancy stuff. They want to view things quickly and effectively and move on to the next article. You need to figure out how to make your content fit into the ideal article that these people are looking for. Start with a good first impression, making your title stand out, and your description and first paragraph give them something to offer. Make the users assume that they are going to get something out of your post and then hit them with the body. These posts, obviously, should give information in a helpful manner, with correct grammar and punctuation and the occassional *gasp* awesome word. This helps the readers digest the information better without having to read through your poor writing skills.

Also, you have to take into account the type of content that each of these sites cater to. Some of these may like tech-talk, and would be interested to hear about link-building advice and new ideas about the Archos 605 Wifi. Others, though, will find it dull and you will find your article under a heap of other submitted articles.

Take a few days to scout out some of these sites and join a few of them and make yourself a name. Submit articles from other sites than your own, that perhaps pertain to the information on your site. You will establish your likes and dislikes, as well as probably learning a few things on the way. Also, by doing this, it shows that you aren’t a hit and run kind of member, that posts articles from their site and leaves, hoping for traffic. It’s a trust thing.

Next, what if you submit an article that becomes HOT, and not only makes the front page at Digg, but at some other sites, sending you a whole hell of a lot of traffic. The traffic becomes to much for your free host, and your site gets shut down. Not only does this hurt the reputation of your site, but you lose that many visitors, possible subscribers, etc. Something to help this out is to install the WP Super Cache, a plugin for WordPress that caches your pages and shows static html pages to all visitor, greatly reducing the amount of bandwidth each visitor produces. Still, though, if you are getting thousands upon thousands of hits, it may not be enough. If this happens, I would suggest taking some money that you have earned or maybe some other money to buy some hosting from a reputable site. There are several cheap hosting sites that I have experienced firsthand (,, per post)). These will hopefully eliminate any problems you have with bandwidth.

Now that you know a little about Social Bookmarking/Networking, take a gander at some of these sites and familiarize yourself with them. They are an important card if you play them right.


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