Link Building with Myspace

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + is a social networking site that allows you to become friends with people online, whether you know them in real life. It has increased communication on the internet between people enormously, has gotten young people and older people into the web scheme. The great thing about myspace is that you can use it for personal reason, or you can even use it to promote your website.

Myspace allows you to create a profile for anything. Music, business, personal, and even websites. Gaining numerous amounts of backlinks and visitors is easy. What you do is sign up for your page. Next, you adjust your profile to say what your website is offering in a great format. Include links to your website, and really show the public what your site is about. After you have done this, to get people to look at your new website profile, you need to search for people with similar interests as what you are offering. Sending a friend request to a person with interests in music probably isn’t going to go for a blog about how to build links.

To find good interested members, I find it best to get on the Myspace Forums and search for relevant terms. There are a lot of people advertising for websites, and I’m sure some of them would love to have advice on good SEO and how to effectively link build. So I search for these people, and I friend request them. Some of them add me, most do not. But there are thousands of other people to choose from, so continue searching and adding.

Now comes the hard part. You can’t just get people interested and leave them hanging at your myspace profile. They want a little taste of your website before they commit to pressing the link, because let’s face it, most of these guys and girls are lazy, I know I am when it comes to site promotions. On your page, you need to keep some updated information. Maybe posting an article from your blog once a week to spark some interest. Also, the bulletins feature on myspace is a great way to show your friends your website updates and maybe even new articles.

Check Myspace out, it can be a great tool to getting some new visitors.


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