Otis And The Tornado

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Otis and the Tornado

It’s a story about Otis, a tractor that lives with animal in a farm, where they all love each other and play with each other and help each other, in the farm there is the family, the animals and the bull, who is a loner, while Otis and his animals play together always and love each other, near them the bull, who do not play with them and have the angry face. That’s because he is a loner.

One day while they were playing Otis and his friends the animals, they noticed a tornado coming, so the family ran to hide in the basement, and Otis ran with the animal to a low place in the ground to hide there from the tornado.

But Otis noticed that the bull didn’t come to hide with them and to the tornado is close also, so he ran out and searched for the bull, because he wants him to be safe and he wants to help him. Do you think that Otis will be able to find the bull before the tornado, do you think the he is going to listen to Otis and come and hide with them ?

Otis and the Tornado, read it to find out, in this nice book for kids, it’s about life, a small thing for kids to learn from the hero Otis.

Kids should read books like this becaue that will let them learn a nice way the rules of life, they will not listen to you if you give them advices verbally, But book like that is helping a lot. whether you kid is a peacful one or a loner, books like this will affect them.

Otis and the Tornado, This book suits kids from 5 to 14 year old, you will enjoy reading it. and they will like it since it’s full of animals and farms.

The writer is Loren Long, wrote many other good books also.

If you couldn’t find it in your books shop, then you can sure find it online, in places such as amazon or ebay.

Otis and the Tornado, have a good reading time.


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