Job Hunting: Finding Your Cheeseburger Voice

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Using Your Cheeseburger Voice:

One of the great questions you will need to answer (not quite up there with the meaning of life, but its close) is how to talk with a prospective employer while making a first impression.

 Your tone of voice should portray assertiveness and self-assurance. Your voice should not sound pushy or boastful. It should be polite and respectful, but not too soft-spoken. In short, be blended like a fine wine (not a whine).


First of all, do not buy expensive job hunting books or hire speech coaches hoping that you hit just the right sound when talking to the employer. 

Folks, you already have that voice inside of you and here’s how to use it:

Quick! Raise your hand if you have ever ordered a cheeseburger (or soy burger for our vegetarian friends). THERE! THAT is the tone of voice you need!! That commanding yet friendly tone is what you are hungering for (at least in this chapter).

 Just relax and picture yourself at the restaurant and say out loud I want a cheeseburger.

WOW! Say it again, slowly: “I want a cheeeeseburrrger.”

Hey, you really mean it! You said it straight up, plain and seriously. Sounds like you aren’t leaving this place without that cheeseburger.  Note that you are not making excuses or apologies for what it is you want to say. Also, you are not bragging or being angry, just direct.

 You want to get the right tone in talking with the employer right? Well use your cheeseburger voice:

  • it’s sensitive without being whiney

  • it gets your point across easily

  • it doesn’t frighten or put-off employers

  • its a well-known and accepted tone

  • it gets the burger every time.

The cheeseburger voice helps you in other areas (see “getting past the bull dog”,”ending with a period” and “don’t think like a job hunter”). For now, practice it & enjoy it. With relish.

Putting it all to use:

Practice this tone of voice. Try saying other things you know with that tone, like “I want to see the employer” or “I have the experience you are looking for.” Make a list of 15 statements you will want to say to the employer then practice them with that cheeseburger voice of yours.

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