Latest Cellular Phones For 2012

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Just when you think you’ve got the latest cell phone another one comes available! Keeping up with the new technology means deciding exactly what you want your cell phone to do, although the term “cell phone” is actually rapidly becoming so yesterday, I guess we ought to now be calling them cellular devices.

If you’re confused next don’t be. What does one actually need your telephone to do? If you rarely text, send emails or access the internet then don’t buy something that has too many gadgets because whether you employ these capabilities or not your mobile bill may become so high that your all-singing and all-dancing telephone becomes totally cost ineffective.

What I like regarding the is that they take away many of the other devices I’ve been pulling around. I no longer need GPS, I use my cell phone as an alarm clock in addition to a diary and my laptop rarely gets taken out of its case. I do not know where my MP3 player is either, because all my music is now on my phone and my digital camera rarely gets used.

I also need fast access to the internet and the phone My partner and i chose, the Samsung Galaxy SII is just going to be my BFF for the next 12 months. A couple of years ago I purchased a phone with access to the internet that was so slow it drove me insane, I have to admit I was cautious with buying another but that Galaxy has exceeded my own expectations. It and the are about the most used phones on the market today and I am sure they will continue to be so during 2012 but your choice should be based for the phone’s operating system.

A Windows-based operating system will allow you to use “Pocket Word” together with “Pocket Excel” to update office documents if that’s what exactly you need. RIM’s Blackberry is most likely the best device for delivering, creating and receiving emails and it’s great for working on Facebook if that’s your thing.

Symbian is Nokia’s OS plus its now open-sourced. Both Ericsson and Nokia phones along with the Symbian operating system are great for fast phone dialing, photography and voice control with 100, 000+ downloadable apps makes excellent for 2012.

A similar amount of apps is available over the iPhone4S and is reported to remain the best mobile internet browser available.

Whichever you decide on, you’ll end up which has a pile of electronics that you’ll not any longer need. Please recycle these responsibly by taking them to an electronics store that intend free recycling – just don’t throw them in the trash.


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