Hands-On With Gravity Rush on PS Vita

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nother thing is incredibly crystal clear with regards to The law of gravity Run: a person in Sony Okazaki, japan genuinely liked Us platinum Games’s ornate bruiser Bayonetta.

We’re not simply speaking about protagonist Kat’s scantily clad witchy dress as well as your gothic European-stylised area the girl lurches all-around.
Inside cracking open instances of our own simple test period with the Stansted Vita Suites many of us discovered that Kat, similar to a lot of characters ahead of your ex, has a new scenario involving recollection decline.


Kitted Kat

While clichéd while it would audio, The law of gravity Run can be anything but.
The action revolves in Kat’s brand-new capacity to transfer your ex the law of gravity, making it possible for your ex for you to go walking solidly in just about any floor. While using tap into of an key she’s flung in excess for you to float throughout mid-air. Then you definitely decide on your current floor using yet another button-press along with mail Kat sailing towards facet of an making, wherever the girl lands which has a rewarding thud.
It’s an exciting along with exciting undeniable fact that this specific simple test just doesn’t accomplish proper rights for you to.
Greater your current palms turn into acquainted with Kat’s gravity-defying expertise greater your head conjures way up Portal-like examples through which to set your repair shop on the examination. Inside cracking open periods you only comply with waypoints.


Perhaps the most astonishing thing about Gravity Rush is the name behind it.
Keiichiro Toyama, a man who’s better known for scaring his audience with psychological teasers and hide-in-the-cupboard thrills in the Silent Hill series, is at the helm of this bizarre adventure, which is a far cry from his survival-horror legacy.
The floating city of Hekseville is Kat’s playground. Its colours aren’t particularly bold save for the gorgeous red skies that create distinct backdrops, but in motion it’s a painting ripped out of its frame and brought to life.
There’s also this rather neat comic book method of storytelling that spreads each panel across the Vita’s huge OLED screen to be flicked through by wiping your finger over the screen. By tilting the handheld and fiddling with the rear touch panel, you can move each comic screen in a pseudo-3D fashion – a neat gimmick but a gimmick nonetheless.
At the centre of Gravity Rush is a unique idea. How it will fare when it’s put through its paces in the full game is yet to be seen, but it makes Gravity Rush one of the most interesting and unique titles Sony’s handheld has going for it – a bold new IP in a line-up composed of familiar names and faces.
Toyama has already expressed interest in a sequel. Whether or not it’ll deserve a second innings remains to be seen, but this is one to watch very closely this spring.


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