Choosing The Right School

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Towards the new school year, parents are usually busy with finding schools for their children.

More needs to be prepared to enter our children to a new school. Problems faced by parents when their child will enter, usually at a loss to make a choice. Not infrequently they get the information fragmentary, of the brother, neighbors, colleagues, etc..

New problems arise after the children’s school. Complaints arise, for example, the lessons are too difficult, should take the course, teachers who do not suitable, etc.. In these circumstances parents rarely think to move their children to other schools. But already, because school has started and the cost already incurred a lot. So, it’s good that parents need to consider the following points before deciding where children will be schooled.

Choose a school that can make your child grow


Many parents who send their children to school “great” that is a favorite schools often give lessons too difficult. In fact, the ability of our children are not in areas like math, physics, etc.. Our children are just gifted in sports, music, fine arts, or drama. By forcing the children to learn in school like that, would make them have to bear heavy loads. Why? Because he will be forced to learn and can not enjoy it. Not that the lessons such as math is not important. But not all children are gifted in that regard, if we continue to force our children to school in that place, might he not eager to learn. And, finally no grade. Remember the children’s abilities vary, as parents we should not impose its will. Another case if your child is happy with the subjects of mathematics, as difficult as it may seem, he would try. Conversely, do not also put it into schools that do not provide a new challenge.


How the learning time in school


There are learning at school from early morning until noon (regular). But there is also a full day (full day school). There is also a school day Monday to Friday, Saturday or a holiday filled with extra activities. Would be much better, if you choose a school that is not a full day (regular), because our children need to also socialize with other communities not only with schools such as the community church, society, etc.. Including close relationships with you.


If you are not busy enough, and it often was in the house, would be much better if you send your child in the regular school only, unless you include parents who are busy and often not at home, making it difficult to monitor your child interactions. Thus, school choice could be a full day school is a good alternative.


Choose a school according to your financial capability


Do you choose an expensive school because you think that’s a quality school, but you do not have the financial ability to support. Imagine if you have to keep delinquent school fees, this will be a burden to you and your child will feel embarrassed for the school.


Keep in mind, not all expensive schools are quality schools. The high cost of school fees at a school is usually not because of quality, but because the facilities that your children receive. Example is provided snack, lunch, ac air classrooms, etc.


Consider the distance from home to school


It had to get attention. Is a short distance or near. Does your child to school using their own vehicles or public transport (city buses, public transport, etc.). Whether the road is the road is jammed or not. This is important because if your child is often late to school, this will make your child is exposed to warning from the school.


The distance is too far from home to school can be draining. When I arrived at school, your child is tired consequently can not concentrate on their lessons.


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