How to Visualize: A Waterfall

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Lay down on a comfortable sofa, bed, or other location and close your eyes. Perhaps, ask a friend to read this visualization to you.

You have been walking for a while on a dusty trail. There is little vegetation around, the air is dry, and there is a slight warm breeze. Sunlight is intense and you can feel the sun’s heat on the top of your head, your shoulders and arms.

You see a grove of trees up ahead. You begin to follow a trail which leads down a slope. The trees provide increased shade and the light on the path has darkened. You feel cooler, more relaxed. You stop for a moment and look up into the trees and see glimpses of sky.

You continue your journey down into increased darkness, coolness, and stillness. As you continue to walk you hear the faint sound of running water and notice that you are passing a small brook. The sound of flowing water increases intensity as you come across a stream. As you continue to walk, another sound becomes apparent: A thunderous sound of roaring water. You look up along a ledge and notice water falling from the top of a ledge. At the top of the ledge sunlight reflects through the falling water as great quantities of water fall into a deep pool below. You breathe in the air – the mist, sit down and watch the water fall wondering how long it has been since water found its way in this cool, shaded refuge.


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