What is Search Engine Optimization For Web/blog?

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of processes carried out systematically with the aim to increase the volume and quality of traffic through Search Engine traffic to specific website by utilizing mechanisms or the Search Engine algorithm. The goal of SEO is to place a website on top position, or at least the first page of search results based on certain keywords that are targeted. Logically, a website which occupies the top position in search results have a better chance to get visitors. SEO is the way to be taken if your website does not work great position for 10 keywords expected. There are two main factors to consider in the SEO process:

1. Internal factors (website content)

In determining the rankings, Search Engine are concerned website content. website whose designs full image, just consisted of pictures and flash and may not include plain text, very difficult read by Search Engine. Although Google is now starting to apply AI technology (Artificial intelligence), it still can not read the meaning of an image. So than that of pure text content must be used for your website easily dilisting. In preparing the text content, keep your keywords or keywords that you would expect used in sentences in the text. Let’s just say the keyword is The main topic. And if you have some knowledge of HTML, place the keyword on tags and ALT attributes in the tag img alt=””. Use keywords referred to here is the use within reasonable limits with the sentence records still nice to read. How to determine the right keywords for your website? How can we know a lot of keywords that people search for? If you optimize your website for keywords one could be fatal. Although your website in top position on the first page, still not useful because the keywords that you optimize never sought. One way to overcome this problem by using tools like that provided WordTracker.com.

WordTracker.com has a database of popular keywords based on data from several major Search Engine. You can just type in the topic of Your website content, and in a few moments Wordtracker can give keywords related to other topics that need tersebut.Faktor you notice is not to have broken links or javascript error on your website. This factor will also be a consideration for Search Engine determine the rankings.

2. External factors (link popularity).

External factors have more to do link popularity, the number of links from other website pointing to your website. We take. The more links from the outside, means the value of its link popularity is growing. Link popularity is a reference commonly used by Search Engine. One is Google’s forerunner. Google considers a link from a website with a PageRank value of 8 is much better than 5 website has a PageRank of only 1. The question now is, how to collect links to your website? Naturally be obtained if the link your website has something useful for visitors. By doing link exchange manually. You can contact the webmaster of sites that have information relating to the website You. Offer them cooperation through trade links, and explain what their profits will be.


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