Philippine Poetry: Famous Local Quotes Fork Out Money Among Filipinos, And Raise Valuable Showcases of Talents to Generate Income

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Philippine Poetry: Famous local quotes fork out money among Filipinos, and raise valuable showcases of talents to generate income

“We are facing a never-ending day to day challenge that we must overcome to survive many problems, complications, troubles and intricacies.”

 Everyone faces challenges in life regardless of age, gender, and economic status. Right from a young age up to a ripe age, everyone faces a challenge almost every day in life. The bigger your life’s goal, the greater your challenge is. Facing difficult situations and overcoming problems require some amount of maturity, understanding and strategy.

“We all face tough and difficult challenges in life.”

Some people may experience hardships and encounter difficult situations. Some problems are difficult to handle and even to overcome with sobriety, especially when the odds go against the other odds. Going against the all odds is something that we are frail and incapable of doing and controlling. To overcome such challenges, we need to have this “never quit” attitude in life. If we develop it, we’ll be able to overcome a bit of it. To make a gradual change is a daily challenge to make it totally perfect in the end. The challenge should bring out the best of us. Develop that kind of attitude in uttering “there’s no way to quit; otherwise, we’re going to fail.” If we develop this mindset, we’ll get everything smoothly done by degrees.

“Let failure fuel and fear us in a positive way.”

 Most people avoid challenges because they’re afraid of failing. Nobody will, most of the time, say that you will pan out.  Anyone gets failed anytime, but it’s not the effort or achievement that really counts. It’s your valuable thought of someone who needs care from you. It’s the precious gift or time that we are going gradually to get up in a positive way. How can we perform as a unified group of decent persons if we lack our goals to attain the peak of success through perseverance and hard work? Failure is considered as a determining factor to strive hard in order to come by the overall success and achievement in life to come.

“Having a crush on someone is a sign that you’re growing up; thus it can be fun and sometimes disappointing.”

 Adolescence is the phase, especially when a child is on the road of transformation. There are physical changes to occur—parts of these changes may be manifested physically, mentally, cognitively and sexually. Anybody can experience frustrations in life. That’s why he/she must be gifted with intrapersonal intelligence in order for him/her not to get swayed and resorted to committing suicide in the end. Having a crush on someone is good and it is commendable, but you have to control it before it devours your entire body and soul for self-destruction.


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