How to Turn a Problem Over

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We identify ‘problems’ in our lives. Some appear to be little bothersome things and some may be overwhelming. It is easy for us to be affected by them where increased stress, sleeplessness, and irritability are often apparent.Once we identify our problems, we rate how important they are to us. How much do they bother us? Can we solve a problem now? Now that we have identified our problems and how important each one is to us we can begin to think of solutions for each one. If we have made a list sorted by the most significant problems on top, we can identify possible solutions for these problems. If some solutions are time-sensitive, indicate when the problems need to be solved.

Once we have identified our problems, their levels of importance, and possible solutions, we can turn them over. If one believes in ‘God’ or a ‘Higher Power’ one can vocalize ‘I give you these problems. Grant me your wisdom. Thank you’. (Always good to be polite to a Divinity). For those who don’t believe in ‘God’ or a ‘Higher Power’ this step can be skipped unless one would like to vocalize anyway. Sometimes, it is helpful to articulate our actions and activities. Spoken words, at times, provide some clarity to what is on our minds.

Tips and Warnings:

  • If you need more information regarding a problem, consult people who may be able to provide answers you seek
  • Consider a wide range of information resources for your problems: people, books, magazines, Internet articles, and radio or television resources
  • Don’t allow your problems to overwhelm you for too long. Be willing to allow others to listen to you and comfort you. Also be willing to seek counseling if you find that your life is overwhelmed by your problems and concerns
  • Participate in relaxing activities and humor where appropriate for you. Stress reduction will help you think more clearly about your problems
  • Get plenty of rest. Taking naps and sleeping provides opportunities for you to regenerate and to not think about your concerns
  • Eat well. Don’t over tax your body with food. Having a good diet when you are stressed by your problems will help you have more energy and strength. See professional advice regarding your nutritional needs

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