Web Hosting Tecnologies

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Windows hosting:- Those service are hosting in windows operating system which called windows hosting.If you have plain for running server script in ASP(active server pages) or micro soft access or micro soft S.Q.L  server, those types of database then you can must choice for micro soft hosting. Without that if you have to plain use micro soft front page for making your web site then windows hosting is the best choice for it

Unique hosting:- Which web services are used by unique operating system called unique hosting. unique is original web service operating system and it is famous for its goodwill and eligibility without that its cost is low than windows.

Linux hosting :- Web services are use which machine for hosting by Linux operating system are called Linux hosting.

CG I:- CG I scripts are executable which are use for dynamic’s interactive web page. Maximum I.S.P are grant any CG I facilities.
I.S.P’s are many times for doing reinstall, guest book, page counter, chat, forum, solutions that are given by CG I

ASP(Active server page):- ASP is a server script technology which made by micro soft. By using ASP you can makes your HTML pages use script code makes your HTML pages dynamic web page. Before browser return those pages are executed. You can use VBscript and javascript both. Windows 95, windows 98, windows 2000 and windows XP can standard component.Every computer which is running by windows can active it.

P.H.P:- P.H.P is using broadly and it is free and also it is  alternative competitor of Microsoft ASP. P.H.P is very good server side language for web development. It is directly embed HTML pages. The syntax of P.H.P is general and common like peal or C. Now a few web server use this Apache with different operating system. Without that this is (ISAPI) supported. Windows Microsoft is can use with it.

JSP:- JSP is like ASP server side technology which made by sun. By JSP you can makes your HTML pages using java code makes your page easily dynamic. Return before browser pages are executed by web server. JSP technology do not fix platform  or rules or regulation for using java.

Cold fusion;- Cold fusion is one more server side script language that use for dynamic web pages. Which is made by adobe.

CHILI! SOFT ASP:- ASP running only Microsoft technology windows platform but CHILI! SOFT ASP is a good that makes chances ASP in unique or other some platform.
Microsoft font page;- Font page is a tool made by Microsoft for making font page.With its help any person no need to very much knowledge to make a web page. Maximum windows hosting solution use font page server extension support.

Adobe Dreamweaver:-  Dream weaver is a tool of adobe for making website, with this Dreamweaver need not to known much about web development. CSS, Javascript,ASP NET,Cold fusion java server pages and PHP all support Dreamweaver. Mac and windows both operating system can operating it.

 Secure server;- Secure server technology data encrypted so if you any plain of credit card action than or other communication which needs to secure unauthorized entry protection in that case you must need to use your ISP must one secure server.

For web hosting this technologies are used .


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