10 Best Natural Home Remedy Tips to Control Blood Pressure in The Process of Aging

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Blood pressure levels are a warning signs for cardiac problems.  Health experts are always of the opinion that food plays an important role in keeping the levels of blood pressure. Therefore it is always recommended to design a healthy diet chart that not only includes fresh foods but also that carries rich vitamins that keeps away cardiac problems. The following tips are simple, easy and useful in preventing the rise in blood pressure levels.  

#1. Consume fresh foods that include green leafy vegetables, cereal sprouts and yoghurt.

#2. Avoid oil and processed salt. Sea salt can be used in a small portion whenever required to be added in soups and salads.

#3. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices should be preferred at the time of breakfast.

#4. Fresh vegetable soups are also recommended that include carrot, beans, mint, tomato, lettuce, spinach, pumpkin or any other fiber vegetables.

#5. Oats must be taken on a daily basis as this is the best meal to keep blood pressure in control and it also adds to your health.

#6. Wheat, maize, corn are very good for health and these must be considered weekly basis.

#7. Water is a natural healer and cleanser. It is recommended to drink at least 8-12 glasses of water per day.

#8. Exercise or daily walk for about 10-20 minutes once in the morning and once in the evening is a very good practice that keeps the blood pressure under control.

#9. Oily foods or snacks that are deep fried or high content of salted foods should be avoided completely.

#10. Brown rice is very good for keeping a good control of blood pressure.

Keeping a good control on blood pressure becomes much easier when you follow the above tips and these are very helpful for aging parents and especially moms at home or working moms who have to attend to number of duties taking care of family and work. Maintaining an organized diet chart is definitely helpful and above all a good sleep of 8 hrs is a must to re-energize the body and also to keep fit. On one side you can enjoy a good diet and on other side you can keep away cardiac problems.


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