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I am always a sincere and faithful friend to all my friend. Always i try my maximum to help my friends and helpe them if i have the ability to do so. It is very hard to see our online friends by face to face. So we can show our support by placing our replies to their topics. I think as a good friend it is our duty to place our honest and thoughtful reply to our friends topic. 

Most of the time i give comments and replies to the topics created by my good friends and most of my friend also give their support to my topic. I am very much happy with this kind of supporting friends. Online world is a virtual media. We can maintain our friendship by giving our reply and comment to our friends topic. It is a very simple thing that we can do to our good friends. So give your full support to your friend by giving your honest reply to their topics. Your reply and support is a best way to show your affection to your online friends.

In social sites we have lot of friends in different age group, some are senior and experienced person than us and have a deep insight in life with their experience. There is nothing wrong in asking suggestions and solution for our problem in social sites, by doing this we will get proper solution and advice for our problem. Some persons giving their reply from their life experience, so there is nothing wrong in following good suggestion from our online friends.

Some times i create topics about my problems and get solutions from some experienced online friends, i will take their good suggestion and follow it in my life to come out from the problem. Recently i have problem with my cell charges and created a topic about it, one of my friend provide a good solution and i follow his idea and solved my problem. So there is nothing wrong in asking suggestion from our online friends and following it in our life.  

We have a lot of online friends via social sites. Some are sharing their personals with their best friends. There is nothing wrong in sharing our personal, but we must know about our online friend fully, before sharing our personal information. Some cheaters and hackers are also available in online. They threatened like a genuine person and  know everything from us. After getting enough information they black mile as using our personals, so it is better don’t believe or share everything with unknown persons. It is our safer side. 

I saw some people falling in love with their social sites friends without knowing much things about them. Some are doing this kind of love as time pass. On the other hand some persons are taking it as sincere love. We can’t believe any person without seeing or knowing about them. As some real life persons also tried to cheat us. So we must be very careful while dealing with online love. Better to avoid this kind of love. If anyone falls in it, try to know about the beloved person fully before engaged with them.

We can trust our online friends, as they can help us in various sort. But always maintain a certain distance from online friends.


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