20 Countries With a Unique New Year Habit

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Across the world, New Year’s Eve is celebrated in different ways. There are ways of traditional or modern, as shown in 10 countries.

There is a country that welcomes the new year with modern methods such as fireworks lit everywhere, music concerts, partying all night all night, and so forth. There is also a way to celebrate the New Year with traditional nan unique.

Here is a new year traditions are unique, as quoted TravelandLeisure:


New Year at midnight, the Spanish people have a tradition of eating 12 grapes quickly, within a second. Each of these grapes symbolize good luck in the past 12 months in the new year.

In Madrid, Barcelona and other Spanish cities, the residents gathered in the city center as the seconds turn of the year while eating grapes together and take turns drinking from a bottle of wine.


Finnish population each year before the turn of the year usually predict the coming year with the melting of a tin plate in a basin of water. This form of tin will show what will happen in the next year; heart or ring shape meant a marriage, shape and form of ship travel means swine will mean a lot of sustenance such as food.


In Panama, the new year is celebrated as a unique tradition of burning a statue of a famous person called munecos. This statue can be shaped any person, ranging from fictional characters, to political figures like Fidel Castro. Sculpture symbolizes the past year and set fire to wipe out evil spirits meant to welcome the new year with a net.


New Year’s tradition in Scotland is “eprtama footing”, ie a hereditary tradition which states that anyone who went through the door first should give a gift (usually whiskey) for luck. Scottish residents also held a bonfire ceremony, usually in a small fishing village in Stonehaven where residents marched waving huge fireball believed to be the symbol of the sun to purify the new year.


In the Philippines, when the New Year every home must provide the fruit that is round at his table for dinner. This round shape is a representation of the expected welfare in the years to come baru.Seperti Spain, they also eat 12 grapes at the turn of the year. Spherical shape is also seen in their clothing, some of the Filipino people often wear clothing with polka-dot motif as a new year’s eve


New Year in Belarus is also a moment of celebration Kaliady, a celebration in which women were unmarried play a game to predict who will get married in the new year. In this game, a pile of corn will be placed next to each woman, then be released a rooster.

The first pile of corn eaten by a rooster showed her which one to get married earlier in the year. In addition to the game, there are other games, where the women who had married to hide some stuff in his house that was found by his friends who are not married. The woman who found a rich husband gets bread predicted, while that found the ring would get a handsome husband.


In Japan, every New Year’s Eve since 1951, a musical performance on the popular television broadcast in Japan. Broadcast this music called “Kohaku Uta Gassen”, in which two teams of celebrities against each other in a singing competition. This broadcast is never passed to be watched by families in Japan.


Citizens of Denmark have a unique way to celebrate the coming new year. At midnight, they will stand on a chair and then right at the turn of the year they will jump off the top of the seat. This leap means to destroy evil spirits and bring good luck in the new year.


The men in Estonia celebrated the new year by eating as much as seven times on the first day of the new year. The significance of eating as much as seven times this is, the man will get the strength of seven men during the year.

Central and South America

In Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela, marked the new year by wearing new clothes in bright colors. That’s why a few days before New Year markets crowded with offerings in colorful clothes. The most popular colors are red and yellow, red symbolizes love and yellow represents money or wealth.


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