Drug Addicts

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Some celebrities and popular persons turn as drug addicts after getting popularity and lost their life due to their wrong activity. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elvis are some of the example of the celebrities whoever lost their life due to drugs. It is really unfortunate, all those people lost their life in the middle and young age, and their fans worried a lot for their lost.

We all know consuming drugs is not good to our health, but some persons start the drug activity for fun. At the beginning they take it in limited manner, in day by day manner they are getting addicted to it, finally they changed as great drug addicts and don’t have the ability to live without the drug and lost their life due to over usage of drugs.

Government must trace out the drug which caused such kind of life loss and completely ban it from other’s use. There is nothing wrong in banning such kind of unwanted drugs, so that other persons will get rid from it and save their life from it. Since some popular personalities lost their life due to the drug, surely government must take steps to solve this issue and ban the cruel drug from other’s usage. As well as people must avoid using unwanted drugs for their relaxation.

Some celebrities and popular person thought that consuming drugs is a trend and it gives social status. But they are wrong, drug consumption will lead us in to the wrong path and we will do a lot of unwanted things while we are addicted with drugs. We don’t know what is good and what is bad and do some unwanted things and create some issues due to this kind of bad habit. Celebrities must surely avoid this kind of habit and concentrate in their field to get more popularity. 

This kind of drug habit don’t give any good thing to them. In stead it will spoil their image and ruin their popularity. It is very hard to get a good name and image in the society, but we can spoil our name easily with this kind of unwanted habits. All the person whoever addicted with drugs may take this life lost as a lesson and give up their unwanted habit, as well as government must take steps to trace out the drug and investigate about the real reasons for this death.


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